Best afternoon tea food ideas: 18 traditional and modern recipes

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A selection of delectable dishes for the greatest afternoon tea celebration can be found in Afternoon Tea Food Ideas. Nothing like treating yourself to some upscale sweets and a hot cup of tea as summer approaches. There is something for everyone to enjoy, including sandwiches, scones, and cakes.

The tradition of afternoon tea is so uniquely British. The tradition of afternoon tea dates back to the early 1800s. And while though having afternoon tea used to be a luxury that only the wealthy could afford, perhaps today having one is more of a luxury of time than of money.

Even if bite-sized sweets are the usual, there is nothing stopping you from creating a regular cake and enjoying it in the same manner. A great afternoon tea food ideas will include a wide variety of delicious sandwiches, scones, and cakes. Since it’s your party, you can arrange it anyway you like.

The finest places to go for afternoon tea are hotels and cafes, and many of them also provide home delivery services. Posh locations may typically have a greater assortment of black, herbal, and green teas; otherwise, black tea is still a popular choice.

However, that may be quite expensive, so why not just do it at home? The finest afternoon tea food ideas are those you make yourself since you may include your favorite foods. Check out what we can add!


Unbelievably, there is a great method to arrange the snacks on a tiered cake stand; we can’t just slap them on haphazardly. Sandwiches are served on the largest plate at the bottom, scones are served on the middle plate, and cakes are served on the top plate. Now, don’t worry if you don’t have a tiered cake stand; simply put everything on standard plates.

The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to sandwich fillings. However, several traditional sandwich recipes continue to be popular. Use any bread you like, including white, wholemeal, half-and-half, seeded, and more. It is best to cut the sandwiches’ edges after they have been assembled; this will make them seem neater.

SANDWICH WITH EGG SALAD – A straightforward yet wildly popular sandwich composed with mayonnaise, finely diced hard-boiled eggs, and salt and pepper to taste. You are in for a treat if you add some watercress.

CHICKEN CORONATION SANDWICH – This recipe was developed for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation and has since gained enormous popularity. There isn’t a better venue for an afternoon tea gathering, in my opinion.



CHEESE AND HAM SANDWICH – Even though it simply has sliced cheese and ham, it is nevertheless incredibly tasty and simple to make. Also very popular with children, so be sure to include it on your menu.

SANDWICH WITH CHEESE AND CUCUMBER – Other than sliced cheese and cucumber, you only need bread slices. You may also spread a little butter on them.

TUNA SANDWICH – My very favorite. The finest sandwich you could wish for is made with my incredible recipe for tuna spread or dip; simply spread it on a slice of bread and top with more slices. If desired, mix in some sliced cucumber or sweet corn.


PRAWN COCKTAIL SANDWICH – This is indeed a delight! Although you may prepare your own prawn cocktail, pre-made versions are just as tasty. You will lick your fingers clean after spreading it on some delicious toast.

ROAST STEAK SANDWICH – Another classic, but this one is so delicious. You won’t regret adding some horseradish relish to the mixture.

GRILLED CHICKEN AVOCADO SANDWICH – Absolutely wonderful and absurdly simple to prepare. The quicker the better. You can also use leftover or rotisserie chicken.


These are but a few suggestions; obviously, you are free to include anything else. This is a time and preference issue. Use what you already have rather than going out of your way to buy a lot of ingredients.


Now that there are so many options available, it can be challenging to select just a few. But once more, I’ll choose my top pick, and you’re welcome to add anything else to the list.

CUSTARD TARTS – Despite being Portuguese, these gorgeous things are the perfect size for an afternoon tea party. What a treat—golden, flaky pastry with mouthwatering vanilla custard filling!

CAKE WITH COFFEE AND NUTS – This scrumptious cake is so tasty that it’s difficult to limit yourself to one slice. It’s another traditional British treat that will be a favorite at any gathering. You can choose the mini version, exactly like with the Victoria Sponge Cake, by following the directions I provided for the Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes, and you will still get the same delicious bites.


MADEIRA CAKE – A traditional dessert dish for your tea gathering in the afternoon. Simple ingredients are used to form the cake’s light and fluffy sponge, and the addition of lemon gives it a flavorful, fresh finish.

VICTORIA PUDDING CAKE – The most popular cake in Britain and a timeless pleasure that requires no introduction. The typical cake can accommodate 8–10 portions.

ELDERFLOWER AND LEMON DRIZZLE CAKE – A fluffy sponge, a stunning lemon and elderflower drizzle, and an elderflower glaze make up this deliciously moist loaf cake.

LEMON DRIZZLE CAKE –  Although lemon drizzle cake sounds delicious, chocolate cake is also wonderful. Too good to be true. I just can’t get enough of this traditional dessert’s simplicity for some reason. I don’t know how many times I’ve baked it, but each time I do, I swear it’s the best cake ever.


MUFFINS WITH LEMON CURD FILLING AND DRIZZLE OF LEMON – If you enjoy the traditional recipe, you’ll adore these muffins. If it were even possible, the lemon curd elevates the muffins to a higher level. Try them out; you’ll love them.

CAKE WITH VANILLA BUTTERCREAM – This rich cake serves as the ideal dessert for such a party and can be decorated with strawberries and blueberries to represent the Union Jack flag.

BANANA BREAD – Although I’ve left out refined sugar from my recipe, feel free to use your preferred sweetener. I think heaven is a lovely slice and a cup of tea. Additionally, it is quite simple to customize; just add whatever else you like, and it will be wonderful.

ROLLS OF STRAWBERRY CAKE – One of my favorite desserts for the summer that never fails to please. The cake roll is quite simple to create, and the strawberry and cream combination is unique.



There are many more dessert options to add to the menu, including bakewell tarts, various types of cupcakes and muffins, tea cakes, truffles, and so on. These are just a few afternoon tea food ideas that you can find on my website in the dessert section.

And of course, the centerpiece of an afternoon tea party is a pot of expertly prepared English tea. Who can blame you, though, if you consume far too many cups each day? It’s the best beverage one could possible enjoy.

I hope you’ll love my collection of homemade, incredibly simple to prepare afternoon tea recipes, which will make for an amazing afternoon tea celebration. Have a nice summer!

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