Brutal Truths You Need To Accept About Life to Feel Less Anxious

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You need to understand that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. There is no written book on what’s the right way to react in every situation possible. It’s all too random, unpredictable, and awfully confusing at times. And just as we start to believe we have it all figured out, something comes in our way, turns our world upside down, and drags us back to the beginning. So that, There are some Brutal Truths You Need To Accept About Life to Feel Less Anxious.

Brutal Truths You Need To Accept About Life

Life is unpredictable

Brutal Truths You Need To Accept

Brutal Truths You Need To Accept- Nothing new, right? But as you seem to believe that you are prepared for whatever crazy situation life puts you in, you are not. There is always something that will surprise you and make you rethink every decision you’ve made so far. You cannot expect life to always go according to your plan. So instead of making plans, make long-term goals and chase them no matter what challenge you need to face on your way.

Love exists. Perfect love, however, does not

Where everyone is perfect and never hurts each other. They never drop the ball. They always come to rescue you at the right time. You always say the right things. They understand the deepest core of you at your lowest. Unfortunately, we are all imperfect and we all fail each other. Love exists as perfectly and as imperfectly as humans exist. But there is great beauty in the way we fumble. But learn every time if you are lucky enough to love multiple times. And I mean all love. Including filial. Some of us don’t even get the chance to meet loving parents at the very least. And then you met some ugly people along the way that also didn’t show you, love. This perpetuates the myth you tell yourself that love doesn’t exist. It does. It can for you. It is as it is with the first truth-you only get what you believe. If you believe that love doesn’t exist-it will never for you. You are right. But if you look for it with an open heart- it will come to find you.

We are all confused

Brutal Truths You Need To Accept

Life is all messed up and complicated for all of us. The good news is, you’re not alone in your confusion. Some people might seem like they have it all figured out, but they don’t. Everyone has their own insecurities and imperfections. That’s why, instead of comparing yourself to someone else, work on fixing your own issues and focus on your wellbeing. No one else will come into your life and magically solve all of your problems.

You are all alone


One of the most bitter truths is that you were born alone, and you will die alone. You can fully trust and rely only on yourself. The only person that can save you is yourself. So pull yourself together. Be your own goddamn hero. Find the motivation to keep chasing your goals within yourself. Happiness is not an award you win for best performance. It’s something you create by yourself.

Time wasted is lost forever

You will never get back the time you have wasted. Time goes by and it will never stop or come back. Every second of your life counts and once you grow old you will only have regrets for the things you didn’t do. Manage your time better to avoid feeling regret when you are at your death bed.

Humans are social beings, even introverts


Compared to true lone animals such as sharks-you are not built this way. You are meant to be part of a social pack and being part of the social contract is not a punishment but a gift so that you don’t have to truly be alone. Socially adept but also learn to set boundaries when you need it. It’s difficult for introverts to learn this particularly but it can be done and you can have fulfilling relationships with people (in your own time!)

You will fail many times

Like it or not, you will experience failure many many times until you become successful and prosper in life. You need to accept that, in order to grow and be happy.  Instead of getting depressed by your failures, get inspired. Turn every mistake into a valuable life lesson. Everything has a bright side if you open your mind and your soul to see it.