Drinks to Help You Sleep at Night

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A cup of tea or warm milk or a glass of tart cherry juice may be just what you need to spur sleep. Research indicates that these drinks contain natural ingredients that can help you relax, reduce anxiety, and spur the production of natural brain chemicals that support healthy sleep. They may not work for everyone, but when you can’t sleep, it’s worth trying one of Drinks to Help You Sleep at Night-Time for a good night’s sleep.

Drinks to Help You Sleep at Night

Chamomile tea

Drinks to Help You Sleep at Night- Chamomile tea

Now, we enter the realm of herbal teas for sleep. Chamomile is considered one of the best drinks before bed. That’s because it contains a therapeutic antioxidant called Apigenin. This antioxidant is widely believed to help reduce anxiety and initiate sleep. And while studies are relatively rare, those which have been completed show real promising results:

“…chamomile preparations such as tea and essential oil aromatherapy have been used to treat insomnia and to induce sedation (calming effects). Chamomile is widely regarded as a mild tranquilizer and sleep-inducer. Sedative effects may be due to the flavonoid, apigenin that binds to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain.”

Almond Milk

Drinks to Help You Sleep at Night

Taking a step away from the classic bedtime solution, almond milk could be a fantastic sleep-inducing alternative. According to studies, the presence of serotonin in the brain can help to initiate sleep. Healthy serotonin levels in our central nervous system often depend on the presence of tryptophan, which is naturally found in both cow’s milk and almond milk.

Almond milk is also particularly high in magnesium, which is another important nutrient that can improve sleep quality.

Decaffeinated green tea

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Although green tea has caffeine, some substances found in green tea may help people sleep because they act on the GABA system in the brain

To study these effects, researchers gave middle-aged adults low caffeine green tea to consume before sleeping. The results of the study demonstrate that drinking low caffeine green tea may help improve sleep.
The exact mechanism of how green tea affects sleep is still unclear.

It is important to choose decaffeinated green tea, as standard green tea has caffeine, which can inhibit sleep.

Herbal Tea with Lemon Balm

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The last of our tea-based suggestions is just about any caffeine-free herbal tea. When mixed with lemon balm, herbal teas can make a perfect sleep aid for anyone seeking a natural way to drift off. Lemon balm, which is also known as balm mint in some areas, is a fantastic option for busting stress, fighting off insomnia, and promoting healthy sleep.

To make the best herbal tea, start by washing about 10 lemon balm leaves and adding them to your teapot with boiling water. Let the lot steep for about five minutes before adding a spoonful of honey and drinking it while it’s hot.

Banana Smoothies

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Another fruit-based sleep-assisting option is a banana smoothie, which can be made quite easily before bedtime and is fantastic for promoting healthy sleep patterns. All you need is to blend a small banana with some almond butter and milk for a delicious smoothie. Not only will this healthy beverage help you fight off midnight snack cravings, but it also contains plenty of magnesium and potassium to promote muscle relaxation.

Hot Chocolate

Drinks to Help You Sleep at Night- hot chocolate

Does hot chocolate really help you sleep? It may sound too good to be true, but cocoa has long been used as a sleep remedy. In fact, it was first cultivated by the Mayans, the first known sippers of cocoa before bedtime, who prepared it by roasting cocoa beans, hot water, and a pinch of spices.

But beware: most commercially available hot chocolates are high in sugar and calories, which can have a detrimental effect on sleep, health, and weight.

​Warm milk

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Milk is one of the oldest and most sought-after natural cures to a sleepless night. It contains an amino acid known as tryptophan which when consumed is converted to the hormone melatonin, which helps regulate your natural sleep state. Melatonin promotes sleep by combating sleep disorders like jet lag, stress, and insomnia. The reason for having milk warm is that it is soothing for the throat and rest of the body.