Effective Ways to Teach Your Kids English

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In countries where English is not the first language, parents wish to teach their children English at an early stage considering its importance in academics and every other sphere of life. But they do not know how and where to begin. In this article, we will talk about Effective Ways to Teach Your Kids English at home.

Effective Ways to Teach Your Kids English

Teaching English through English songs

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For children, their sense of music develops very well, and they also feel more interested in songs. Therefore, learning English through songs is a way to bring knowledge closer to children.

Choose a song that your child really likes to motivate them to listen to often. The more you listen to it, the more you will learn from the song. You should also consider whether the song is suitable for your child’s current language level. If the song is too complicated, it will not be as beneficial as expected.

Next, parents let the song always follow them so that they can both learn and play at all times because learning through music requires repetition. Moreover, being able to listen whenever they want can increase their ability to learn. Parents can go to iTunes or Spotify to find songs for their kids.

With this method, parents can help children interpret words in the song so that they can grasp the word surface, the meaning of each word, and the song. Along with that, you should practice for children to sing along to improve pronunciation and confidence in speaking English. Parents can refer to some of the following famous songs for their children to learn English: ABC song, Baby Shark, Bingo Song, 5 Little Ducks, Happy Birthday, 4 Season in a year, Head Shoulders Knees And Toes …

Teaching English through games on mobile App


Teaching English through games is one of the most effective ways to teach English to children that most English centers often apply. One of the popular games that English centers apply to stimulate children to think, memorize vocabulary, practice listening, and speaking skills must be mentioned: Remember pictures, mix words to put together words. Meaning, follow the command … However, if parents cannot organize games like in class for their children, parents can download English learning apps through games for children. Parents can refer to some of the following apps:
­čîčMonkey Junior:
Monkey Junior has a program content divided into 3 levels from easy to difficult, so it is suitable for children of many ages (from 0-10 years old), spanning hundreds of different topics from objects at home. , shapes, body parts, toys, actions, fruits… This method of learning English has been verified and recognized by many famous educational scientists such as Glenn Doman, Shichida. Moreover, the software uses many native voices and this is rotated to help improve the child’s hearing and speech more effectively.
­čîčEnglish Kids Songs:
English Kids Songs is English software that uses cute, familiar, age-appropriate songs to help children learn English in the most natural way. This application has the advantage of always updating good, familiar songs such as Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Deck the Halls, Happy Birthday, …, suitable for children of all ages because music is not available. the distinction when listening to funny, lovely music. Through this app, parents can let children learn English through songs and games extremely effectively.
­čîčEnglish Flashcards
English Flashcard helps children learn English for free through vivid flashcards with illustrations and standard pronunciation. In addition, the vocabulary is classified into many diverse topics such as animals, colors, shapes, traffic symbols, fruits, … The software is supported on the Android operating system and possesses a large amount of Terrible download, received the trust of numerous parents.
Through apps, children can access knowledge more vividly, have a more enjoyable experience and bring higher learning efficiency.

Find a course that fits the needs and aspirations of parents and students to have someone follow each day

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This is the method of teaching English for children that most parents choose because parents are often busy and sometimes limited in knowledge and skills to convey to their children. In this way, many parents hope that their children will learn quality courses, teachers dedicated to helping their children progress in the best way.
Along with that desire, we strongly need parents to express their individual needs and aspirations about teaching English to their primary school children in order to provide the best quality courses.