Remember these things to be more successful and become richer

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Most people wish their circumstances would magically change for them. They don’t have the desire to become better themselves so they can proactively improve their own circumstances. Unlike most people, who simply wait and wish for luck, you can seek to become the kind of person equipped with the skills and abilities to do brilliant things. Remember these things to be more successful and become richer

Remember these things to be more successful and become richer

1. In this real society, love cannot be considered as a meal, there is never such a thing as “a hut with two golden hearts”, a poor couple will not do anything. Don’t believe the episodes of dramas, it’s just a dream world for dreamers, only irrational and unrealistic people believe it.
2. Set yourself a goal, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, you may not be born as good as someone else, but through effort, you can change your destiny 70%. The broken pot will only be able to make friends with cowardice.
3. Friends invite you to eat rice, do not take it for granted, remember to always “reciprocate”, otherwise your reputation and reputation will decrease.
4. Friends with each other, definitely have to find a soulmate, do not think that you are good at socializing, well-connected, fraternal everywhere, in the end, who treats you honestly One person only, believe me.

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5. Do not believe in fortune-telling, fortune-telling, that is to comfort children, your destiny is in your hands. Sitting not at home waiting for the house, waiting for the car, is not better than going to sleep to dream in the middle of the day.
6. People we do not like, will have little contact, but absolutely do not talk badly behind them, all of them are from the mouth.
7. Little to play video games, this is not Korean, if you don’t play at home, you still have capital if you don’t go to the car. There may be a hobby, but it must be moderately, rarely playing farm games, breeding or fighting landlords, maybe your level in those games is very high, but it does not show the level of success. on the contrary, influence and take time away from your success.
8. Know what you want to do, quiet night, ask yourself what your future plans are, and then go on doing it in that direction, instead of working on your emotions, doing useless things.
9. The way of life, just going to have a way out. Do not because you feel blurred without bothering to lift your legs and start walking- Things to be more successful and become richer!
10. Be a woman, do not have any will to progress, do not think that your career has nothing to do with you, think that your duty is to cook rice, wash clothes, look after children … wrong, too wrong. …
11. As a human, must be able to do: everything put the word “filial piety”, the word “virtue” on the top, the husband and wife have a natural and happy harmony that will endure for hundred years. But these things can not be done by mouth, but it takes a lot of effort and hard work, intelligent people have understood this principle very early.

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12. In your free time, do not surf all day and play meaningless games. Instead, read some literary books, learn some business methods, how to manage, see the situation. the world, common law. It helps that no matter what group of friends you are with, you will have a theme to lengthen the story.
13. It is better to “kill” mistakenly a thousand times of information coming from many sides, but definitely not ignore any chance of success. Only then will you not need to buy regret medicine.
14. Want to do something, before being successful, do not need to tell others. After being successful, without you talking, others will know. These are the Things to be more successful and become richer.
15. Hair, nails, beard, everything must be neat. Society is an excruciating contact, even if you think it looks better to have long hair and has a more artistic feel, at least give others a sense of neatness and cleanliness.

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16. Don’t assume that you are a man without “maintenance”. At least not too arbitrary in terms of eating, eating a lot of tomatoes, seafood, scallions, bananas … these are all very good foods for men’s health. If you haven’t seen their value yet, then let me tell you, at least you can save money on medical care and medicine and then take that money to buy some cosmetics for your girlfriend.
17. People who have progressed before do not think they have to rely on anyone, everyone is selfish, only themselves is their strongest support.
18. Facing failure, don’t be too calculating, stop blaming, find out the cause and change bad habits: 20 years old, no money, very ordinary; 30 years old without money, probably because of poor family background, needing more effort; 40 years old has no money, can only find the cause from himself. The poor can become and absolutely can become rich. The poor of course can also be poor for life, which is natural if they do not consider themselves.
19. Everyone has a chance to succeed, the important thing is whether you give you the chance or not!