Review The Corsair HS75 XB WIRELESS Gaming Headset Headphones


The Corsair HS75 XB WIRELESS Gaming Headset are gaming headphones that are fully compatible with the Xbox One via Xbox Wireless. These comfortable, well-built headphones have a bass-heavy sound profile that adds an extra boom and punches to action-packed video games. They’re also compatible with the Dolby Atmos app, which lets you access to surround sound features and some sound customization options, but we don’t currently test for this. They don’t isolate against a lot of background noises, however. On the upside, their detachable boom microphone transmits your voice clearly to your teammates.

Review The Corsair HS75 XB WIRELESS Gaming Headset Headphones

1. Design & Build Quality

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The Corsair HS75 XB are wireless gaming headphones. They come with a boom microphone, which you can remove for a more casual look. Unlike the¬†Corsair HS70 Wireless, they have silver metal grilles rather than black, which stands out. Also, their headband doesn’t have white quilted stitching. Aside from the metal grilles, they have a satin-black plastic look.

The Corsair HS75 is very comfortable. They’re lightweight, and they don’t clamp very tightly on your head. The headband is padded, which feels plush and comfortable against your head. However, the ear cups don’t have a very wide range of motion, which may make them uncomfortable for some listeners.

The Corsair HS75 has an impressive build quality. The body is mostly made of plastic, and the yokes are made of a metal-like material. There’s faux leather on the ear cups and a cloth lining inside the cups. Overall, the materials feel quite solid and durable. The boom microphone is detachable, and there’s a plastic cap to cover the mic hole when it’s not in use. However, the cloth lining in the ear cups seems like it could rip or get dirty easily.

2. Sound Quality

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The Corsair HS75 has middling bass accuracy. The entire range is overemphasized, adding an extra punch and boom to your audio. You can feel the deep thump and rumble in action-packed video games, but some listeners may find the bass to be a bit overwhelming. However, their bass delivery is inconsistent and somewhat sensitive to their fit and positioning, so your experience may vary.

The Corsair HS75 XB has good mid accuracy. The entire range is flat and balanced, so vocals and lead instruments are clear and present in the mix. However, the overemphasis on the low-mids can also make these same instruments a bit muddy or cluttered.

The Corsair HS75 XB has okay treble accuracy. The range is underemphasized, which can hurt the comprehensibility of vocals and lead instruments. Sibilants like cymbals may also be dull or lispy. However, their treble delivery is inconsistent and somewhat sensitive to their fit and positioning, so your experience may vary.

The Corsair HS75 XB has satisfactory peaks and dips performance. The peak across the bass range adds an extra boom, punch, and thump to the mix, which can sound boomy to some listeners. The slight dip in the mid-mids pushes vocals and lead instruments towards the back of the mix, while the peak in the low-treble and the mid-treble can make those same instruments a bit piercing.

These headphones have decent imaging. Their weighted group delay falls mostly below the audibility threshold, resulting in the most transparent treble, but a loose bass. While the L/R drivers of our unit are well-matched in-phase responses, there’s some mismatch in amplitude and frequency response. As a result, objects in the stereo image like footsteps or voices may not be accurately placed or localized. However, these results are only valid for our test unit, and yours may perform differently.

3. Microphone Quality

The microphone has an impressive recording quality. Your voice sounds deep and full-bodied, with little distortion.

4. Battery

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The Corsair HS75 XB has a great battery performance. They last for over 21 hours off a single charge, which is suitable for many long gaming sessions. They also have an auto-off timer to help you conserve batteries when they aren’t in use, which is convenient.

5. Connectivity

Corsair HS75 XB

These headphones have good non-Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Using a Microsoft Wireless Adapter to pair them with a PC, they have low latency, so they’re suitable for gaming and videos.

Corsair HS75 XB

The Corsair HS75 XB is decent for wireless gaming. They’re comfortable enough for long gaming sessions, and they have low latency over an Xbox Wireless connection. Thanks to their boom microphone’s impressive recording quality, you can easily communicate with your teammates, too. Their bass-heavy sound profile can bring out thumps and rumbles in action-packed scenes, but it may be overwhelming for some listeners.