The best computer speakers in 2021

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If you, like so many of us, spend most of your waking hours at your desk, then you deserve to own some of the best computer speakers your budget will allow. These portable audio receivers combat the tinny sound often found in some of the best laptops, combining full, balanced sonics with handy features like Bluetooth and headphone outputs. Few things in life are as enjoyable as good music. But as you’ve probably noticed, that music only sounds as good as the system it’s playing through. Many PCs and Macs don’t come with very good speakers. And that’s to say nothing of the tiny built-in drivers found in most laptops. Even if you’re on a tight budget, low-cost speakers can noticeably improve your listening experience. Here are things to consider when picking The best computer speakers in 2021 for your computer.

The best computer speakers in 2021

Klipsch The Fives

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One of the best computer speakers in 2021- The Fives speaker system looks like something you would find in your great-grandfather’s study, but the only thing retro about these speakers is the design. Despite no subwoofer, these monitors blast powerful, balanced sound to create an immersive listening experience when enjoying music, movies, sports, and video games. The details in craftsmanship are remarkable as exhibited by the aluminum dials sitting atop the right channel to allow for seamless switching between the numerous connections. There is even an output to connect to turntables; we recommend checking out our best USB turntables roundup to find some worthy pairings.

All that firepower does comes at the cost of size. As you can see by the dimensions, The Fives isn’t exactly a pair of computer speakers that rest steadily on any tiny desk, so you’ll definitely want to clear out some space before these arrive on your doorstep.

Logitech Z407 

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The Logitech Z407 offers great value in an affordable and appealing package. These minimalist, capsule-shaped speakers deliver great sound quality and a decent amount of volume while offering wireless connectivity, two physical input options, and a versatile design. That subwoofer is surprisingly powerful for its size as well, producing a good amount of rumble for those intense game and movie moments. Finally, that wireless control, while confusing at first, is a nifty addition that adds convenience to its use. If you think that computer speakers are becoming obsolete, these will certainly change your mind.

Kali Audio LP-6

KaliAudio Lone Pine Studio Monitor Family

For musicians, videographers, podcast producers, and anyone who is serious about audio production, the Kali Audio LP-6 is a superb choice for its excellent sound quality and deep-bass performance that may be adequate even for aspiring DJs and producers. Its extensive adjustments allow you to fine-tune the sound for eight different types of installations, and it also includes bass and treble tuning switches. The downsides are that the LP-6 is too large for many desks, it lacks conveniences such as front-panel controls, Bluetooth, and a headphone jack, and it costs more.

Logitech G560

g560 lightsync pc gaming speakers

When it comes to computer accessories, Logitech is a household name. However, the G560 takes the company’s speaker prowess up a level. These are the first Logitech computer speakers created specifically for gaming, and the manufacturer’s hard work has more than paid off. The Logitech G560 speakers are, without a doubt, one of the best computer speakers for gaming. Not only do they have RGB lighting – a must for gaming peripherals in 2021 – but through Logitech’s software, the multi-colored illumination can adjust to any kind of content you consume for a more brilliant, not to mention mesmerizing, experience.

Sound BlasterX Katana RGB Soundbar

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Soundbars aren’t just for your home entertainment setup, they’re also making their way onto PC gaming desks. Creative calls its Sound BlasterX Katana RGB Soundbar (read our review) the first-ever “Under Monitor Audio System,” and it proves itself by generating an impressively massive soundstage despite being just two feet wide. Meanwhile, the included subwoofer ensures you won’t miss any of the bass or the low notes in your favorite music. Of course, there’s RGB, and this soundbar creates a visual feast thanks to its 49 programmable RGB lights. Unfortunately, it can’t create a Virtual 7.1 surround soundscape as well as a good gaming headset, but for most multimedia (gaming, music, and movies) there isn’t a better soundbar for PCs than this.