Things Everyone Needs To Know In Life

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Life is full of lessons. Some lessons are learned in an instant–like when you touch a hot stove. Others take time to fully understand–for example, what it truly means to be in love. But regardless of the size of the lesson, there are Things Everyone Needs To Know In Life before exiting young adulthood and entering the next phase of their life.

Things Everyone Needs To Know In Life

Great friendships enhance the quality of life

Things Everyone Needs To Know In Life

We’ll meet many people during our lifetime. Some will just be temporary fellow-travelers on the journey. Others we’ll want to join us for the entire journey.

Deep and lasting friendships don’t just happen. They require focus, energy, patience, and skill to form and maintain.

But, boy, they’re worth it. Good friends will enhance your journey through life in more ways than you can imagine. Invest in a few. You don’t need a lot. This is one of those cases when quality is more important than quantity.

Unhealthy relationships make for an unhealthy life


Life is hard enough when you have several encouraging, supportive, and helpful fellow travelers. How much more difficult it is when you allow toxic people to join you on your journey.

Toxins are poisonous. So are toxic people. They will sap your energy, discourage you, generate anger in you, frustrate you, and in a myriad of ways, make your life more difficult.

Avoid them if you can. If it’s impossible to avoid them, figure out how to mitigate their destructive potential.

People Want Goals Just As Bad

Things Everyone Needs To Know In Life

When we want things in life, we need to realize that people want them just as bad. If not more. We may think that we are alone when it comes to being the only one that is doing big things. The only one that is really putting in work. Or the only one that will stick it out until the end.

But your competition is out there. And putting in work. And we need to internalize this fact. What if we want something, we need to battle. We need to know and accept that we have competition. And we need to figure out what the competition is doing. Then do it better. Do more of it. Or simply do the exact opposite in a way that separates us and lets us brand ourselves so we can be around for a long time.

Everyone Dies

OK, obviously we know this one. But the fact of the matter is that we don’t really live our lives like we are going to die. It means very few of us really internalize how short of a run we really have on this earth. How it can literally all be over tomorrow.

It is powerful to face the ultimate truth. Because once we do, we see the truth. And that truth is that we need to do the things we want to do now. With the people, we love most. And take all the changes we need to take because we only have so many days to act upon them.

Life Is Suffering

Not to get too religious on you, but the Buddha had this right. Life is suffering. It is always something that is happening to us. Something that we are going through or just got out of.

Of course, some people have it worse than others, but there will be problems. And as soon as we accept this fact, we will just be able to handle things more in stride. And not expect everything to go perfect in our lives.

But we can learn and grow from the things that happen to us. Nothing is ever a wasted opportunity.

There Is Only One You

Things Everyone Needs To Know In Life- Oftentimes, because we want to be liked, accepted, or successful, we take on attributes that aren’t really us. In order to get the things we think will come to us if we act or behave in a certain way.

But this really restricts the flow of your life. Because you are most happy and energetic when you are being yourself. When you are spontaneous.

We need to really focus on not caring what people think about us. It can help us achieve a sense of freedom that we are longing for. Freedom that we think we will get by adapting our personalities in different ways.