Things to Do in Cold Spring, NY

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Sometimes, it’s not enough to just go out to an arcade or bar to have a fun weekend. You may be in the mood for something adventurous like hiking a mountain, or something mellow like a walk through a beautiful garden or a tour through historic monuments in your area. You also might be in the mood for something that needs a specific setting, like an old castle or fancy hotel. If these activities are what you’re considering, here are the top choices for things to do in Cold Spring! Plan your sightseeing and learn about the best places to visit with our list of the top things to do in Cold Spring, New York

Things to Do in Cold Spring, NY

Stonecrop Gardens

stonecrop gardens

Going through rigorous hikes and climbs may not be your thing, and you might prefer something as simple as checking out some gardens. In this case, check out Stonecrop Gardens, which provides tours of different kinds of plants. Types of gardens include water, woodland, grass and cliff rock gardens, and you’ll be able to see up to 50 different plant families.

Visitors will also be able to explore conservatories and houses that contain certain plants. For garden and plant enthusiasts, this is an opportunity to learn how such gardens and collections can be made so that they can create their own.

Ferry to Bannerman Castle

Bannerman Castle Side View FI

Just up the Hudson River from Cold Spring sits tiny, historic Pollepel Island. The tree-covered, rocky island nestled amid the Hudson Highlands is a green little oasis between Cold Spring and Beacon, just up the river. But more than a beautiful slice of nature, Pollepel Island is also home to one of the most beautiful and historic places in the Hudson Valley: Bannerman Castle.

The castle is evocative of a traditional Scottish castle, built by the Bannerman family who emigrated from Dundee, Scotland in the mid-19th century.

The castle was built in 1901 by Frank Bannerman, a businessman based in Brooklyn. His son, David Bannerman, discovered the island while kayaking the Hudson, and inspired his father to purchase the island. Frank and his wife, Helen, used the house on the island as a summer residence. Today many of the beautiful gardens and paths she designed still exist.

Get Wild in Hudson Highlands State Park

Things to Do in Cold Spring

A wild 8,000 acres of lush, rolling mountains unfolds surrounding the Hudson River. The Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve is one of the most scenic spots in the region.

The serpentine Hudson River snakes around towering rock faces that are blanketed in moss-colored trees, veined with trails, and primed for possibilities. For those who aren’t familiar with the awe-inspiring natural beauty of New York State, the Hudson Highlands are the perfect place to get acquainted.

The hiking trail network includes a variety of different options, from the challenging Breakneck Ridge to less treacherous options that are more sneaker-friendly. A portion of the Appalachian Trail even runs through Hudson Highlands. In addition to hiking, visitors can rent kayaks and canoes to see the Highlands from the river perspective. Camping and fires are prohibited in Hudson Highlands State Park, but there are plenty of campgrounds nearby for adventurous travelers looking to spend a night out in nature.

Tiny Tots Park

Things to Do in Cold Spring

Cold Spring’s Tiny Tots Park is one of the best places to visit in the village when you’re traveling with family, especially with toddlers. This park is a combined effort of the local government and residents to make Cold Spring a friendly destination for families. If you do make it to Cold Spring, you’ll realize that Tiny Tots Park is no ordinary park for such a small and quaint village. Aside from the usual swing set and slides, plenty of children’s toys are available at the park, all of which were generously donated by thoughtful locals! Keep your little ones entertained by paying a visit to this community park.

West Point Foundry Preserve

Things to Do in Cold Spring

West Point Foundry Preserve holds a lot of Cold Spring’s history. At the height of the Industrial Revolution, the West Point Foundry produced steam engines, ships, and artillery. Now, right off the train station platform, the Preserve is the starting point for several scenic hiking trails where you can explore historical points of interest.