Things You Should Chase In Your Life

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Take a deep breath, lace up a pair of sneakers, and then, let’s go. Truth is, you might be wasting a lot of your time and energy on the wrong things. You spend your mornings trying to capture the perfect picture for social media, and your afternoons racing to your next meeting. If we’re such an ambitious generation, we should focus on so many other things to chase such as adventure, curiosity, dreams, and passions. In here, we‘re listed of Things You Should Chase In Your Life. Hope you enjoy it!

Things You Should Chase In Your Life

True Love

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True love exists, and when you find it, it’s time to run like the wind. You’ll learn a lot of lessons about love from your first relationship, and all of those awkward dates where you ended up in the bathroom on the phone with your best friend. You might kiss a bunch of frogs and stop believing in fairy tales. One day, though, you’ll be swept off your feet, and falling head over heels for your own Prince Charming (or Jim Halpert). Don’t settle for anything less!

Alone Time

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Spending time alone is key. You learn a lot about yourself in the process. Right now, your planner is probably packed with commitments and activities. You have meetings back-to-back at work, or study sessions lined up all weekend.

Learn to chase after the times spent in solitude. Sometimes, peace and quiet can be refreshing, and remind you of what really matters in life. What are your priorities? Are you doing this for yourself or someone else? Ask yourself those questions, too.

Your Fears

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Facing your fears can feel scary, but it will be so rewarding in the long-run. Now, I’m not suggesting that you should befriend a bunch of spiders. But if you’re afraid to say, “I love you,” or dancing in public, then please give yourself a try. These kinds of fears are healthy to chase because they’re not harmful. You’ll grow as a person, and will be more ready to take on the next adventure. What are you waiting for?

Chasing What’s Possible

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Many of us chase after what seems possible instead of what we’re really capable of doing because our aspirations are too limited.

Don’t be too quick to mentally figure out how to follow your dreams. If the answer falls outside the range of what seems possible (in Maria’s case, working for the UN), the route you choose may actually hold you back from getting the best life you can have. Slow down. Every step you take provides another piece of the puzzle until the big picture eventually snaps into focus.

What Makes You Feel Alive

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Chase after the things that make you feel alive. This may be your passions, the people in your life who constantly inspire you, or the music that makes you want to dance. These things make you love your life, and realize that living is always better than simply existing. Right now, you’re settling for drama and nonsense that’s just weighing you down. But, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Focus your time and energy on the things in life that truly matter.

Your Dreams

Following your dreams is a must, and now more than ever you have to turn your passions into a paycheck. You may need to work a nine-to-five job for a bit. (Life can be expensive, and you can’t ignore that rent check!) But, chase your side hustle much as you can. Make connections, work on the weekends, and take chances. It’ll be worth it when you’re doing what you love, every single day.


Finding moral courage

Chase that feeling of courage in your life, because it doesn’t always come around. Sometimes, you really let your fears get in the way. You forget that you’re capable of turning your dreams into a reality and taking that leap of faith. But, other times, you get a little spark in your soul. Truth is, you’ll never feel entirely ready. So, take those moments of courage and run with them. That’s the only way you’ll get to where you want to go.