Things you should do in Life Before You Turn 30

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Whether you’ve got 10 years or 10 weeks until you hit that life-affirming 3-0 milestone, here are the bucket-list entries you should make (and keep) before you get there. Our lives keep changing immensely as we grow old and there are a lot of things that we miss out on due to lack of planning. We often become reluctant to prioritize things. While we survive our 20s in shaping our career and figuring out what exactly we want to be, the post 30 phase seems to be more difficult as one has to grow more responsible and take life a little more seriously. These are things you should do in Life Before You Turn 30 that you should know and apply in your life.

Things you should do in Life Before You Turn 30

Start saving

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It might seem too early to make retirement plans – but there’s no harm in saving early, right? Even if it just $50 a month, doesn’t matter – save that much. Every single penny counts. You don’t know what the future has in store for you, hence it is always good to be on the safer side and to have enough money in your bank account, so that, if one fine day there’s a problem, you’ll have enough funds to support yourself. Also, no matter how small it might look now, by the time you’ll hit your 60s, this will turn into a huge amount.

Date someone who’s just not your type!

Dating someone who’s not your type will add an interesting chapter to your 20’s story! You’ll learn and grow from being around that person who is absolutely different from you. Maybe the relationship won’t work out in the end, but you’ll surely figure out what kind of a person you wish to be with, in the future. No matter what happens, you’ll either have a great time or a terrible time, but you will learn from your experience. This will also enable you to understand how you are, as a partner.

You can do whatever you want in life

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There are step-by-step ways to accomplish any goal. If it has been accomplished by someone else, all you have to do is choose your virtual mentor and follow in his or her footsteps. If you are doing something that has not been done before, it is more challenging but your path can be mapped out if you take note of the things that have worked for you and those that have not. Do the things that work and pitch the ones that don’t.

The school doesn’t work for everyone

Especially in this day and age. School gives you information. Many times, unless you have a stellar teacher and stellar textbooks, the information comes at you and there is no indication which facts are important and which are not or even whether they are correct. You are tested, not on how to use the data you have learned, but on trivia. Who cares what exact date a battle started on? What is infinitely more important is what went wrong in society at that time that warranted a battle and how can we avoid that situation today? That is the vital information, not the date! When you are given information, ask yourself, “How am I going to USE this information?” If you can’t see how to use it, forget it. If you have been having trouble with school, stop thinking that you have failed and start looking at whether or not the school has failed you.

Stick to what you know is right

 Things you should do in Life Before You Turn 30

There are times in life where you will disagree with just about everyone else. This does not mean you are wrong. Sometimes a lot of people can be wrong all at the same time. If this were not true, Hitler would have been squashed the first minute he started talking. Instead, Germany allowed him to decimate a large portion of the world. Being the one voice of reason is not popular but it is the only path to happiness.

Stop having regrets for the things you missed

Realizing that you’ve made a huge mistake by not taking up an amazing job offer abroad might seem like the end of the world, but it’s not. As you’ll grow older and wiser, you’ll understand that these things are better to be flipped as old pages and move on. People might keep reminding you of the things that you could have done and the things that you just skipped out carelessly’ – but for your own good – stop having regrets for things that never happened. Learn the truth that they weren’t ever meant for you!

 Things you should do in Life Before You Turn 30