Top 4 best air conditioner brands for home space

Top 4 best air conditioner brands for home space

Each of the best air conditioner brands addresses a different set of household needs. Our best ac manufacturers have you covered whether your preference is energy efficiency to keep energy expenses down or technology to connect to your smart home. Our objective is to assist you in comparing the best air conditioner brands for 2022 so you can select the one that will keep your family the most comfortable and your spending in check.

Notes help you choose the best air conditioner 

We advise that you consider the following considerations while looking for the best air conditioner brands for your house.

Features: Different qualities may be more or less significant to you depending on your particular needs. Variable fan speeds, climate-zone-specific cabinets, compatibility with smart home systems, and high-tech air filters are features of some AC models.

Efficiency: Efficiency in energy use benefits the environment and your utility cost. AC efficiency is gauged using the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). SEER is a numerical indicator of an AC’s efficiency. Modern air conditioners must have a minimum SEER of 13. The SEER ranges from 15 to 18.

Size: British Thermal Units are used to assess air conditioner capacity (BTUs). The Environmental Protection Agency advises dividing the square footage of your home by 20 to calculate how many BTUs you require. Typically, tons of central air conditioning are sold. 12,000 BTUs are equal to one ton.

Warranty: Long-term financial savings are possible with a strong warranty. An air conditioner with a 10-year limited components warranty or more is recommended. Some warranties for air conditioners last for 20 years. A labor warranty may also be provided by your dealer.

Cost: A brand-new air conditioning unit typically costs $5,681. Size, quality, efficiency, and features all affect price. You can better understand how much money you should set aside for your new AC by using the cost calculator below.

Installation: The installation is just as important as the best air conditioner brands. Select a dependable retailer with positive local reviews. In addition to the price of the air conditioner, installation costs between $500 and $2,000. Certain installers might provide financing.

Top 4 best air conditioner brands

Most Dependable & High-Quality: Trane

Trane Air Conditioner - Top 4 best air conditioner brands

Trane is renowned for producing durable machinery. Its testing requirements are exacting to guarantee that its equipment performs well even in challenging circumstances.

Contrary to the flat tube and fin design used by the majority of other companies, Trane air conditioners have spine fin condenser coils. The coil from Trane is superior at transferring heat and guards against leaks and corrosion that could harm your system. The Trane patented spine fin design offers improved efficiency, performance, and dependability, according to independent testing.

Families with asthma and allergy concerns will benefit from Trane’s CleanEffects air filtering system. Additionally, the TruComfort feature has a significant impact on indoor humidity.

The normal 10-year limited warranty offered by the firm typically covers parts. Additionally, Trane has choices for extended warranties that permit you to transfer the warranty when you sell your house.


  • Durable machinery
  • Excellent air filtration
  • Extreme system evaluation


  • Expensive
  • Some units have a loud operational noise level.

The Smartest Home: Carrier

The Smartest Home: Carrier

Products from Carrier are renowned for their durable design and high quality manufacture.

The brand has recently emphasized smart home automation and controls. You may control your home equipment with a mobile app thanks to its Carrier product. You can operate all of them from one location because it is compatible with Kidde fire safety devices and Interlogix home security systems.

In reality, in 1902, the company’s founder created the first contemporary air conditioning system. One of the pillars of the brand is continuing to be innovative in the market.

The majority of Carrier air conditioner warranties include a 10-year working part warranty. This excludes normal wear and tear. But there is a solid reputation for dependability among the company’s products.


  • System for home automation
  • A background of innovation


  • high installation fee

The Best Value: Rheem

Rheem is one of the best air conditioner brands

In the market, Rheem is recognized as a cost-effective substitute for some of the well-known names. Rheem ACs aren’t made for harsh temperatures, thus its products are perfect for homeowners in more temperate climates.

For our list of the best air conditioner brands, Rheem uses high-quality components and straightforward design. They are simple to repair for HVAC technicians. The fact that they cannot be used with most generic parts is their lone drawback. It might be necessary to place a special order if you require a replacement.

Rheem air conditioners chill well despite not being the most energy-efficient. In the upcoming years, the corporation will take steps to drastically reduce its waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

The compressor and parts are covered by a 10-year limited guarantee from Rheem. If your installer provides one, we advise choosing the labor warranty since many Rheem AC issues are the result of poor installation.


  • Simple design
  • Quality materials
  • Easy-to-find repair parts


  • Low energy efficiency in the past
  • Compared to top-tier companies, Rheem has less certified technicians

The Most Effective: Lennox

Lennox is the most effective AC brand


For efficiency and creativity, Lennox air conditioner is the best. The most effective air conditioner on the market, a 28 SEER model, is provided by the corporation.

Lennox air conditioners are an initial investment, even though their energy efficiency will enable you to save money over time. In general, Lennox equipment costs the most when compared to other best air conditioner brands.

Lennox employs parts that are exclusive. Lennox equipment is notoriously difficult and expensive to fix as a result. For the prestige and performance of the premium brand, many customers are willing to put up with this.

The standard warranty offered by Lennox is 20 years for the heat exchanger and five years for parts and the compressor. The warranty seems minimal given the Lennox price point. On its top-tier products, the corporation does provide longer warranties and extended warranty options.


  • Energy-efficient design (up to 28 SEER)
  • Sustainable refrigerant


  • Costly repairs caused by exclusive parts


Finding the best air conditioner brands that suits your particular demands comes before brand considerations when buying a new air conditioner. The majority of major brands will have a product to suit your needs, regardless of whether affordability, energy efficiency, or reliability are your top priorities.

Consider the reputations of the different manufacturers, but don’t make your choice just on the basis of the brand. You can get advice from a knowledgeable dealer on the best air conditioner for your house.

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