What to Eat For Clearer Skin?

foods for clear skin

You may have heard that greasy food or chocolate will make your skin break out. It’s not quite that simple, but nutrition can affect your complexion. Some studies suggest that a diet rich in low-glycemic foods can fight acne. Good choices include fresh vegetables, beans, and steel-cut oats. So What to Eat For Clearer Skin? Keep reading the post below to know more about this issue.

What to Eat For Clearer Skin?




It’s really hard to pick fault with a cup of peppermint tea, which is known for its potent healing and calming properties. Not only can it help to aid digestion, relieve stress – a common acne aggravator – treat headaches and clear sinuses, but it’s seriously good for the skin, too. Try swapping it in for your usual cup of builders brew and see if it makes a difference.

Green leafy vegetables


Recent fad diets like the alkaline diet have advocated for regulating your body’s pH by consuming a greater amount of “alkaline foods” and reducing your intake of “acidic” foods.

The truth is, our bodies already regulate our internal pH, but that doesn’t mean this diet trend isn’t on to something with its promotion of more veg. Proponents recommend beets, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, kale, lettuce, onions, peas, peppers, and spinach. It’s not rocket science – the more vegetables you incorporate, the clearer your skin and the healthier your body. Acne diet for the win.

Green Tea

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Consumption of green tea is part of some East Asian cultures, and Japanese women, in particular, have been aware of its skincare benefits for centuries. Some of its many benefits include helping to slow DNA damage, stopping inflammation, and even protecting against sun damage and burns. There’s a reason the superfood makes its way into so many cosmetics; Ingesting the real deal directly delivers its immediate soothing qualities while working toward lasting results.

Foods contain Vitamin D

vitamin d

You probably already know that you can soak up Vitamin D by getting a little sunshine, and that it can improve your mood. That’s why some of us get gloomy in winter when there’s not much sunlight to perk us up!

But did you know that Vitamin D can also help manage inflammation and regulate skin cell turnover? This is a big deal for us acne-sufferers. After all, inflammation and overproduction of skin cells are two huge contributing factors for our breakouts!

Break out the sunscreen, it’s time to go get that Vitamin D!

Of course, you may not always have the opportunity to chill outdoors and get your Vitamin D synthesized from the sun. Fortunately, there are ways to supplement your intake through diet:

  • Cod (esp. Cod liver oil)
  • Herring
  • Swordfish
  • Tuna
  • Maitake mushrooms
  • Shiitake mushrooms
  • Beef liver
  • Salmon
  • Sardines


What to Eat For Clearer Skin?

Nuts are what to Eat For Clearer Skin- Deficiencies in minerals such as zinc and selenium have been linked to acne in some sufferers, which is why nuts – in particular pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts – are a good, healthy snack to get used to. Selenium helps to actively increase the number of infection-fighting white blood cells in the body and strengthens their fighting power, while vitamin E, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium and iron are all essential to skin health and function. Keep a bag on your desk for when your 3 pm snack attack hits.


What to Eat For Clearer Skin?

According to Dr. Engelman, most fruits contain high levels of vitamins A and C and powerful antioxidants that replenish nutrients in the skin, promote collagen production, and help keep your skin supple and firm. And since there is evidence that oxidative stress causes inflammation and plays a role in acne, antioxidants are an important factor for clear skin because they fight free radical damage.

Coconut Oil

Although the other foods on this list are meant to be eaten to reap the benefits, coconut oil applied topically could possibly be effective in treating acne, thanks to the linoleic acid and lauric acid. “Coconut’s healthy fats and antibacterial nutritional composition keep acne away and help keep your skin hydrated,” Dr. Engelman says. Of course, coconut oil is also known to be comedogenic, so it might not work for everyone. But hey, it could be worth a shot.

What to Eat For Clearer Skin?


Next time you make a salad, try substituting a few lettuce leaves for some peppery watercress. The leafy greens are jammed full of antioxidants as well as the minerals manganese, carotene and potassium. This makes watercress a powerful cleansing agent, nourishing the skin while helping to flush out toxins and excess fluids in the process.